loose bolt of a complete machine

rabbit on a keyboard

who are you?

my name is Ren, i'm an artist and a writer.

i am a visual artist who mainly creates digital art. i use an ipad and the drawing program 'procreate'. i really love creating comics and standalone illustrations.

i used to write poetry and short fiction while i was in school, but now i mainly write just for myself.

this website is where i house my work, as well as things that inspire me.

i like lots of things. like rpgs, and ttrpgs, music of all kinds, animation, visual novels, pokemon, fashion, toys, media analysis, making little plushies, star trek, surrealist stories, long youtube video essays, ruminating over internet culture, ARGs/unfiction, japanese food, dancing, pop culture, forgottten realms novels, and long naps.

this website is still under construction, so please excuse any gaps.

an image of a chibi style plushie of Rei Ayanami, a blue haired anime character with large red eyes and a white full body suit. This image is a link to return to the main homepage.