☽ Friends ☾

Cecil Vo


plays clarinet in the school band. likes movies and sci-fi and writing. a little anxious--its okay man! everything's gonna work out fine :^) Jenn's best friend and Alan's little brother!

Gale Moreno


Guitairist, skater, trumpeter in the school band. i love emo, going to shows, playing shows, videogames, watching cool anime (FLCL!!!), science (DINOSAURS!!) and lots of other stuff x3



A lover of aliens, cryptids, retro video games and punk music!! Cecil's best friend! she always makes me laugh. we met in the school band! plays bass like a champ :3 Dating Marcus--it feels like they've been together forever!!



woop woop its him! Marcus is a pro at card games and a wicked drummer. we met back in youth soccer and have been buddies ever since. he can kinda be a little shit (sorry man! XD) but i think he means well most of the time :o) dating Jenn--shes like, his favorite person in the world!!

Alan Vo


Alan is Cecil's older brother! He's in a band too, called the Wendybirds. He bleaches his hair and wears gauges, which their grandma doesn't like, but it looks pretty cool! Sometimes he helps out in their grandma's shop.

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